Sports Graphic Design

What is sports graphic design?

Sports graphic design is a branch of design that specializes in everything related to sports. Following the current design trends, the goal is to achieve a great visual impact with the use of colors, typographies, shapes, photographs and the arrangement of all these elements.

The use of social networks today is essential for any brand, sports or not. If you have a sports center, club, agency, media or other sports-related institution, keeping your social profiles up to date is vital for your users and/or followers to be aware of all the news surrounding the sports entity.

If you accompany your publications with high quality graphic design elements, you will better attract your target audience and get better results in your social profiles. 

At Maganmi – Sports Design we are specialists in sports graphic design. We take care of creating your design line or improve the one you already have, for this, we advise you and evaluate different options to give the best final result.

In addition to designs for social networks, we also design for other formats, both physical as Posters and Flyers, or digital as Sports Logos and Web Pages.

Who is the target audience for sports graphic design?

Many companies and institutions related to sports can benefit from sports graphic design. Sports clubs of various disciplines: soccer, basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer, handball, rugby, field hockey, etc., can count on this service because our budgets are tailored to the needs and category of each club, whether professional, semi-professional or amateur.

With sports design, you can create publications directly related to the matches played, such as line-ups or substitutions, as well as announcing the new signings and renewals of the team, announcing the next matches to be played or the results of the club’s base categories, among many other examples.

Sports representation agencies also have a special place in having sports designs for their publications: announcing outstanding performances, statistics, matches to be played by their represented players and much more. As well as the media focused on the sports world can have infographics, templates of matches to be played, results of the matches, among many other contents.

Even athletes themselves are potential clients of sports graphic design to improve their social profiles. For example, creativities for their profile pictures or headers, match day announcements, farewell letters, sweepstakes, etc. can be created.

Examples of sports graphic design

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We are your ideal solution for your sports design needs. We attend to your requests and evaluate the different options to implement, focusing mainly on creativity and customer satisfaction. We adjust our budget to each client and we get personally involved during the creation process of each job requested.

We have made designs for soccer and volleyball clubs, digital media, elite athletes and sports representation agencies, as well as individuals and companies related to sports, which endorse our experience in the sports field. 

What can we do for you?

Sports designs

Our specialty is to make images to accompany the publications in social networks of your sports company with a careful graphic design so you can offer your followers a wide variety of content.

Posters and Flyers

We design sports posters and flyers oriented to sports, in any size and ready to print. We also make and print custom posters with your photo.

Sports Logos

We create your new sports brand or redesign the one you already have. We devise the entire corporate image of your brand.

Sports webpage design

Having a website on the internet nowadays is a must for any sports company. We design your new website and take care of the maintenance.

Companies that trust us

Some of the companies and sport entities that have relied us for their designs:

Baeza CF Badge
Garden Hotels Mallorca Volley Badge
Sport Player International Logo
Lifetime Sports Logo
Unió Penyes Mallorquinistes Logo
Centro ATT Logo
GM Sports Management Logo
CE Andratx Badge
Club Padel Alaró Logo
Mallorca Volley Camps Logo


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